Why a Baptist FUNDAMENTALIST Conference?

After being greatly concerned about the direction that our movement seemed to be heading, it was with fear and trembling that we set out to do something about it. These meetings were born out of a burden to reaffirm some things that we felt were being left behind in our Independent Baptist Movement. We still believe God’s New Testament model church is an old-fashioned, Independent, Fundamental, Separated, Soul-winning, Baptist church!

Our prayer is that these meetings will be a blessing, encouragement and inspiration. We firmly believe the hope of America lies not in the White House, but in the Church House! Pastor, YOU hold the highest office in the land! As the pulpit goes, so goes the nation! You and your strong stand are desperately needed!

We hope you will mark your calendar and plan to attend other Baptist FUNDAMENTALIST Conferences that are already scheduled for this year:

June 10-12, 2019 @ Victory Baptist Church – Burnet, TX
October 28-30, 2019 @ Hillside Baptist Church – Hixon, TN

Pastor May 03/11/2019

Pastor Smith 03/11/2019