Fort Worth Baptist Temple…was founded on May 7, 1995. Since then, we have experienced the blessings of God upon our church in a great and mighty way. FWBT is an exciting church where people are excited about being saved, living for God and especially about seeing others saved! 

FWBT is an…OLD-FASHIONED – We believe in the old-time religion that made our nation great. We do not have a contemporary service, nor do we play contemporary music. We have old-fashioned hellfire and damnation preaching services where Amens, people being saved and converts being baptized are the norm. 

INDEPENDENT – We are not a part of any convention, fellowship, or association. We are an autonomous, New Testament, Baptist church. 

FUNDAMENTAL – We believe that the King James Bible is God’s Word and therefore is the final authority for faith and practice. SOUL-WINNING – We believe it is every Christian’s responsibility to witness for Christ and do his part to win the lost around him. 

BAPTIST CHURCH – …with a big “B”. We are not protestants. We are not interdenominational. While we love and welcome everyone, we are Baptists by conviction.  

What FWBT Is All About:Fort Worth Baptist Temple is about people! We love people, and our ministry is built around helping people! At FWBT every individual is a very important person. Nobody is a “number” at FWBT!  

FWBT is about…WINNING THE LOST – Since salvation is a person’s greatest need, we put a great deal of emphasis on reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ. If there really is a Hell, we had better be busy warning people about it, and introducing them to the Saviour! Since our beginning, not a week has gone by without seeing someone saved through the ministry of FWBT! 

HELPING FAMILIES – We believe that the Bible has the answers we need for having a happy marriage, for rearing godly children, and for developing a home that would be pleasing in the sight of God. 

HELPING INDIVIDUALS – We are diligently trying to help every individual deal with the problems and burdens of life. Everyone needs someone to care. We care! 

LIVING FOR OTHERS – We believe it is very important that we prepare the way for those who will follow. Our children need an example to follow, and so do others. If you would like more information, or if we can be of service to you do not hesitate to contact us.